Glossy Enamel Dice (Sprout(Glowing Green))

  • -ALL IN ONE- 7pcs metal glow in the dark dice set d&d for role playing games: 1xD20, 1xD12, 2xD10(one 00-90, one 0-9), 1xD8, 1xD6, 1xD4
  • -EASY READING- Large and easy to read numbers glowing green dices
  • -GREAT HAND FEEL- Heavy irresistible hand feel Zinc alloy metal dice with shiny enamel finish, bears the test of time.
  • -MARVELOUS LOOK- The dices have shiny gold edges and tender green and pink enamel coating, great for dice collection or as a gift.
  • -MULTI PURPOSES- Used for tabletop RPG games as D&D(Dungeons and Dragons), Shadowrun, Pathfinder, Savage World, Warhammer, Yahtzee and many other RPG and card games.