Multiple Colors Glow Dice

Perfect Balance and Easy to Read - Our dices size and weight mostly larger than othe seller dice,make sure they more balanced so that they give fair results when rolled. And the dices have numbers which are as large as possible on each surface for easy reading, use underscoring to differentiate 6 and 9.

Compatible With – In handy for a whole bunch of games such as Dungeons and Dragons or any of the other RPGs that require different sided dice.

Glowing Polyhedral Dice Set - Comes with 6 sets of dice with 7 pieces in each set.Eac Luminous Set:d4*1 d6*1 d8*1 d10*2 d12*1 d20*1.There are a total of 42 dice.

Durable Material - Made of acrylic materials which is durable and hardwearing and they glow in the dark after absorbing light.Each die with large and easy to read numbers.

Multiple Colors - This set consists of 6 different colors: green, blue, orange, white, yellow, red.Each color has a free transparent small bag.